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Why You Should Visit a Pediatric Dentist

Many families with young children often seek the help of age-based specialists to attend to the different needs of their kids. While pediatricians can attend to all the healthcare needs of your child, pediatric dentists can help your child achieve and maintain a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

At Pediatric Dental Center, we provide dentistry services specifically tailored for the unique dental and oral needs of children. Our pediatric services range from disease prevention to dental treatment services for children under the age of 18 years. We realize that children can be difficult patients to deal with: they are not always patient and cooperative during dental visits, and may feel anxious and fearful if their care is not handled properly.

In addition to our kid-friendly environment and friendly and empathetic team, Dr. Corina Ramirez knows how best to treat your child and make him or her calm and comfortable on the dentist’s chair. This mixture creates the ideal setting for your child to receive the necessary dental care, whether it’s a routine exam, teeth cleaning, or other dental procedure.

The treatments we provide

We have the training and expertise to provide comprehensive oral health care for our young patients, including:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of teeth, gums, and mouth-related problems
  • Habit counseling – such as thumb sucking and the use of pacifiers
  • Infant oral health exams – include risk evaluation for caries in the child and mother
  • Preventive dental care – such as the use of sealants, cleaning and fluoride supplementation, and diet/nutrition recommendations
  • Early assessment for improper bite and the need for orthodontics for teeth straightening
  • Care of dental injuries – such as fractured, knocked-out, or displaced teeth
  • Diagnosis of oral problems linked to other health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hyperactivity disorder (attention deficit), hay fever, and asthma
  • Periodontal health management – pediatric gum disease, ulcers, mucoceles, or short frenulum

Contact us today

Our primary goal is to steer children and adolescents on the right path to optimal dental health and oral hygiene. In addition to performing routine dental checkups and professional cleanings, we educate our young patients about proper brushing and flossing techniques and other ways to maintain the optimal health of their teeth, gums, and mouth.

We believe that our pediatric dentistry services prepare children for a lifetime of exceptional dental health and an impeccable smile. Please contact Dreamland Dental & Orthodontics to schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentist.

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