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Visiting a Special Needs Dentist | San Dimas CA

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Visiting the special needs dentist for the first time can be scary for your child. Understanding what to expect and how to prepare your child for their dental appointment can help make their first experience comfortable and positive.

Tips to Help Your Child Feel Comfortable During the Dental Visit

A few preparation steps can help your child feel relaxed during their visit to the special needs dentist:

  • Starting dental visits at an early age and maintaining regular checkups at 6-month intervals
  • Not showing your dental anxieties in front of the kids
  • Educating your children about the importance of good dental care and familiarizing them with in-office dental procedures by acting our dental exams
  • Maintaining proper at-home oral hygiene practices to reduce the time spent in the dentist’s chair

Our special needs dentist understands the importance of familiarizing children with special needs to the dental setting. In this regard, she uses Touch Points Training to assist with her special needs dentistry services, which include teaching children basic dental hygiene skills.

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