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How is pediatric dentistry different from general dentistry?

The primary goal of dental care for children it to steer them on the right path to optimal dental health and oral hygiene. In addition to performing routine dental checkups and professional cleanings, children are educated on proper brushing and flossing techniques and other ways to maintain the optimal health of their teeth, gums, and mouth.

If done right, children are prepared for a lifetime of exceptional dental health and an impeccable smile. But is there any meaningful difference when visiting a pediatric dentist versus a family dentist?

General dentistry vs pediatric dentistry

To begin with, general dentists receive training in pediatric dentistry, which means that they’re qualified to handle many dental and oral issues affecting children. Pediatric dentists are more or less like general dentists, but they choose to specialize in handling children cases. Because of their specialization, they tend to be more familiar with the typical behavioral conditions of children in the dentist’s chair. So they have more experience managing common challenges in order to deliver the needed treatment.

Children are not always patient and cooperative during dental visits. Pediatric dentists know how best to treat your child, and make him calm and comfortable on the dentist’s chair so his/her teeth and mouth can be examined. Moreover, a pediatric dentist’s office is uniquely arranged and decorated, with specially designed equipment to spark interest in the child and create a sense of familiarity and calm.

Final Note

Pediatric dentists treat children of all ages, from birth to teen years. If your child is experiencing unique developmental challenges or some other medical condition that requires him or her to receive medical attention within a hospital setting, you may find yourself in need of a pediatric dentist to provide the necessary care.

Often times, children with unique needs that continue into adulthood may still visit a pediatric dentist even after the age of 18 years. Though a general dentist might be better suited in order to ensure the comfort of the patient at all ages, from childhood to adulthood. A general dentist can also attend to your children’s dental needs in the long-term, if the dentist’s office is still accessible.

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