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Why See a Special Needs Dentist

Special needs children often need personalized care in all pursuits, from school to sports. Oral health is one of those things in which it’s wise to find a specialized dentist to help care for your child while providing a dental home.

Why See a Special Needs Dentist

Do you remember being a kid and going to the dentist? For special needs children, the anxiety of not knowing what’s going on during a dental appointment can be more intense. It’s crucial for special needs children to be treated by pediatric dentists specialized to treat them; just because a dentist has their qualifications to treat children does not mean they’re qualified to treat all children. Having a dentist who knows how to interact kindly with your special needs child can make an incredible difference in how that child reacts to basic dental skills training and treatments.

Pediatric Dentist For Special Needs Children

At Pediatric Dental Care, our dental staff provides education throughout the dental appointment to help teach your special needs child how to take proper care of his or her oral health. An appointment at Pediatric Dental Care isn’t just a dental appointment; it’s an educational experience for both you and your special needs child. Once your child is comfortable in our dental setting, we use Touch Points Training to assist with the educational portion of your child’s visit, which includes teaching your child basic dental hygiene skills. We have decades of experience working with children of all abilities and learning levels, and it’s our duty to create personalized care plans that your child will not only understand but will also enjoy.

Aside from personalized learning skills and attentive, empathic care, our dentists offer treatments specifically designed to create an environment of ease of comfort for these kids. Special needs children often have to be put under anesthesia for cavity treatment and tooth decay, but silver diamine fluoride (SDF, a caries arresting topical medicament) has paved a path to a simple and calm alternative. SDF is not only recommended for use on special needs children, but it’s also applauded by parents who appreciate its safety and affordability. A complete evaluation of your child’s dental needs will help determine if your child is a candidate for SDF applications.

Special Needs Dentist San Dimas

We are trained to give your child the best dental care, while respecting the boundaries that come along with a special needs child. Whether your child suffers from ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, or another disorder, we’re confident that our decades-tested, always-accurate dentistry practices will get through to any child who steps foot in our office.

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