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Preparing your Child with Down Syndrome for Special Needs Dentistry

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene Skills at Home

Practicing proper oral hygiene skills at home with your child can help alleviate some of the fears and anxieties of the dentist’s office. The earlier you start implementing these skills, the better! We recommend starting with the basics of brushing. Brush your teeth with them and demonstrate the proper motions and areas to reach. Make sure to include brushing of the tongue and the palate. Emphasize that brushing their teeth both morning and night is vital for proper oral hygiene. Next, you should focus on flossing. Flossing might be a little trickier because many children with down syndrome have difficulties letting you put your hands in their mouth to floss.

Once they have established a proper oral hygiene routine the next big step is bringing your child in for a consultation.

Pediatric Dentist for Down Syndrome

Preparing for your child’s appointment

You can help your child feel more comfortable by starting dental visits at an early age and maintain regular checkups. Familiarize yourself and your child with dentist terminology and try to discuss the experience as a positive thing and how it will help them. Start slow, maybe show them pictures of the office or bring them in to familiarize themselves with the environment and staff. Dr. Ramirez understands the importance of familiarizing children with down syndrome and other special needs to the dental setting. Pediatric Dental Care welcome visits to desensitize your child, simply come play and meet the staff!

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Practicing proper oral hygiene is key in and out of the dentist’s office. Dr. Ramirez has the necessary training and understanding of many special needs conditions including down syndrome. Our services can provide healthy and beautiful smiles for any child with special needs! Request an appointment online or call (903) 305-0642.

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