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Infant Frenectomy Consultation and Procedure

Infant Frenectomy Consultation and Procedure

Before Consultation Visit

1) Please ensure that your infants breastfeeding has been evaluated by a pediatrician or Lactation consultant and that they have completed a referral form to Dr. Ramirez.

2) Fill out all New Patient Forms (this then allows for same day treatment if you require it as we understand the urgency of treating tongue/lip ties as it relates to breastfeeding)

3) You can bring another adult with you to provide emotional and physical support.

During Visit

1) For all infant frenectomy procedures a referral is required from the Pediatrician or Lactation consultant. Dr. Ramirez will require to see your referral form from your Physician or Lactation consultant so please bring it with you.

2) Dr. Ramirez will do a brief assessment of your child’s oral condition and make a diagnosis. We will go over the required paperwork and Dr. Ramirez will answer all your questions.

3) Dr. Ramirez will review the exercise protocol with you and you will be given an opportunity to practice it. It will also be provided in writing.

4) Post-operative pain management will be discussed.

5) You may choose to proceed with the tie release if time permits and if all paperwork has been completed and signed.

6) Due to Laser Safety Guidelines only trained personnel are allowed in the treatment room. Your child will be away from you for 5-10 minutes during which time pre-op photos will be taken and the procedure will be completed.

7) Infants will be placed in an infant swaddle blanket and protective eye wear will be placed.

8) We will numb the area to be laser released and proceed while we help limit your child’s movements.

After Visit:

1) Try nursing immediately – we want to assess if breastfeeding has improved and it is a comfort for baby. Breast milk is a natural comfort and has healing properties to soothe baby. The breastfeeding and associated tongue movement immediately after treatment also helps prevent reattachment.

2) Follow-up with your lactation consultant. Your breastfeeding techniques may need alteration since your baby has less tethered tissues so working with a lactation consultant is very important. Please don’t expect baby to nurse perfectly in all cases. Releasing a tethered tissue essentially gives the baby a new lip or tongue and they sometimes must re-learn how to nurse with these new tools.

3) You will have more improved breastfeeding outcomes if baby is comfortable. Refer to the pain management handout to keep baby comfortable. Expect a few days of fussiness and a few weeks of healing and wound management.

4) Please do the required exercises 6 times a day (1-2 during the night). It is recommended that you do these before or after nursing the baby. These exercises should not cause tremendous discomfort and should not be drawn out. Not doing the exercises effectively can lead to reattachment.

5) It is important that you make it to the follow-up visits so that Dr. Ramirez can ensure adequate healing.

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